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Why Machine Learning?

Reinvent your business

Empowering your business with Machine Learning and discovering new ways to provide value and extract profit.

Improve service

Making your products more personalized and accurate while improving their efficiency at the same time.

Reduce costs

Fine-tuning your work processes and customer acquisitions for maximum efficiency. Spend less on marketing and advertising by targeting the right opportunities.

Sentiment Analysis
Text classification
Text based recommendation systems
Natural language translation
Speech to text
Speech analytics
Text analytics
Computer Vision
Object detection and recognition
Object tracking
OCR and text extraction from paper documents
Image based recommendation systems
Conversational AI
NLU powered chatbots
Customer support bots
Customer engagement systems
Predictive Analytics
Demand forecasting
Fraud detection
Churn and conversion prediction

Why Netlyt?

Short time to market

We build Proof of Concept predictive model in a week after we start working together.

No additional costs

Netlyt covers the computing and bandwidth costs during our work together. You don't have to deal with additional plans from providers or worry about scaling.

Security & On-premises

Your data is secure in our isolated infrastructure. All predictions are sent over HTTPS. Only you can access your models and deployed API. Netlyt is also available on-premise. Your models and datasets never leave your network.

Featured Case Studies

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 Bozhidar Yovchev

Bozhidar Yovchev

Chief Executive Officer

Bozhidar is a sales guy with technical background. Or the other way around. He had the great luck to meet Vasil and Tony and to make them quit their jobs.

Tony Petrov

AI researcher and ML Engineer

Тony is an AI engineer. He does that because he is lazy and wants to make the smartest machines possible which can get all his work done. He is also the brain behind Netlyt's predictive models.

Vasil Vasilev

Chief Technology Officer

Vasil is responsible for the backend @ Netlyt. He loves solving tech puzzles and has read milions of lines of code. He also debugs while sleeping.

Salim Virani


Salim founded Leancamp, Founder-Centric and Village Accelerator. His work is currently used at Seedcamp, Techstars, Oxford Univsersity, UCL, Imperial College, Unilever, and the UK Royal Academy Of Engineering.


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